Technology Trends in 2019

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Edward Teller said that “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” In this digital age, we survive on technology and have made it an essential part of our existence. Every industry is incorporating the best of the technology in their business activities to boost production and sales. Even as new technologies are developed, innovation around the application of existing technology is rapidly changing. Here are some important technology trends that have the potential to maintain a substantial impact in the current year.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is all about machines that have human attributes, i.e., reading, speaking, seeing and even recognizing emotion.

In many cases, AI will be highly visible as in our home assistants, smartphones, kitchen gadgets, and car. In other cases, we won’t even notice if it’s there, due to the fact that machine learning services work silently in their cloud, handling everything.

Assistants like Alexa and Siri are being pitched as something that ought to be a part of families that make the lives of the owner easy and relaxed.  The concept of AI is gaining acceptance and considered as useful. In the coming years, AI will have explosive growth soon.

Data Security and Cyber Essentials: Data Security concerns safeguarding data from corruption, accidental or willful destruction, by ensuring controllable access. Data is acknowledged as a valuable property for any organization and loss of it can lead to massive financial losses. Thus, protecting data from outside forces is extremely important. Cyber Essentials include the methods of protecting hardware, software, networks and data from unauthorized attacks aiming for exploitation.

Internet of Things: Internet of Things alludes to the ever-widening network of tangible objects adept at accumulating and exchanging electronic information. These objects include everything from mechanical devices that impart information about production procedure to coffee makers having an on and off switch to the Internet.

In this new world of connected devices, objects can be indexed, acquired and respond to requests as and when required with minimal human intervention.

Blockchain: Blockchain is a new form of accumulating data in a dispensed ledger that enables multiple collaborators to simultaneously use and share the same information. The blockchain is expected to provide new infrastructure to build innovative applications beyond cryptocurrencies.

Emerging technology trends can seem both elusive and ephemeral, but some become integral to business and IT strategies—and form the backbone of tomorrow’s technology innovation. With all these emerging technologies, it is a good time for businesses to increase their understanding of potential technologies and consider any security implications.

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