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AI Becoming a Part of Life

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“A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.” — This is what the famous computer scientist Alan Perlis said about the intelligent technology of Artificial Intelligence. Well, such is the amount of intelligence, aspirations, and level of understanding Artificial Intelligence comes with, that it is being considered something beyond our humanity.
The research is in full swing to create intelligent ecosystems that let survive a peaceful co-existence between humans and AI propelled goods and services. The world of data science is buzzing with activity that is making AI a vital part of business conversations and drawing room discussions. There is a section of people and a larger one that hails the research on AI and its usefulness to humans in the long run. But there’s also another section of the population that puts focus on the flip side of AI and how it can take over humankind in an adverse way. Whatever the conclusion is arrived at, it is essential to keep the discussion alive as the field of data science is evolving and so is AI. Thus, a constant effort is required to view the developments in the AI technology to weigh its pros and cons.
Cambridge Analytica is going to echo in our minds for a long time to come and so the infamous Equifax breach . The cons of the exciting and surprising world of AI will continue to be talked about and analysed thoroughly. The world has become digitized today to a large extent and efforts are being made to make more progress with AI that will interwind our whole world and make it smarter. Data technologies are becoming more efficient and are widely used in different industries. E-commerce has witnessed a boom with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is being used for generating smart searches and relevance features, product recommendations, buying predictions, making online transactions more safe and secure. Machine learning technology is actively used in digital marketing for price optimization. Business is using AI for automated responders and online customer support, voice to text features and with, smart personal assistants such as Google Now, Cortana. The financial industry too is taking help of automated insights to forecast figures for the next fiscal year or period. The marketing industry is using AI to make smart recommendations to customers based on their preferences and search. , customization of news feeds and content curation. AI is also extensively used in data analysis and to facilitate Ad targeting and promote real-time bidding. AI has become more efficient at processing information and analysing the data in real time.
The best part about AI is that small business, and medium enterprises too can use AI without spending too much, they can improve their inventory systems and also develop their payment and collection system. The fear of replacing labour force with AI is well-intentioned. But if AI is being introduced to improve human skills, increase production and derive better results, not at the cost of the human workforce, then this intelligent technology can do wonders for the business community and the world on the whole. Whether its drones, robots, or self-driven vehicles we are going to see AI soon becoming an integral part of our life. Let’s see what the future unfolds and how AI makes itself a part of our daily lives.

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