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Cyber Excellence Programme

250+ Students Trained
50+ workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings

Cyber Excellence Programme

250+ Students Trained
50+ Workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings
  • coding-support 10000 + Professionals Trained
  • coding-support 100 + Qualified Trainers
  • mentor 200 + Training Courses
  • job 15 + Global Accreditations
Why Alphabet Factory?
15+ Global Accreditations
200 + Training Courses
100 +
Qualified Trainers
10000+ Professionals Trained



  • What is security?
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Security baselining
  • Security Getaways
  • Types of threats
  • Security controls
  • Networking review
  • Optimizing, footprinting, and scanning
  • Common vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Security policies
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Module End Assessment
  • What is hacking?
  • Risk management
  • Data in motion vs. Data at rest
  • Module End Assessment
  • Security baselines and common exploits
  • How to harden systems
  • Hardening systems by role
  • Mobile devices
  • Hardening on the network
  • Analysis tools
  • Authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • Physical security
  • Module End Assessment
  • Fragmented architecture
  • Network devices - ND
  • Network zones - NZ
  • Network segmentation - NS
  • Network Address Translation
  • Network Access Control
  • Module End Assessment
  • Steganography Vs Cryptography
  • Principles of permissions
  • Module End Assessment
  • Certification authorities
  • Enabling trust
  • Certificates
  • CA management
  • Module End Assessment
  • What is identity management?
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Authentication factors
  • Directory services
  • Kerberos
  • Windows NT LAN Manager
  • Password policies
  • Cracking passwords
  • Password assessment tools
  • Password managers
  • Group accounts Vs Service accounts
  • Federated identities
  • Module End Assessment
  • Limiting remote admin access
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Network segmentation
  • Limiting physical access
  • Establishing secure access
  • Network devices
  • Fundamental device protection summary
  • Traffic filtering best practices
  • Module End Assessment
  • What is malware?
  • Infection methods
  • Types of malware
  • Backdoors
  • Countermeasures
  • Protection tools
  • Module End Assessment
  • What is social engineering?
  • Social engineering targets
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Statistical data
  • Information harvesting
  • Preventing social engineering
  • Cyber awareness: Policies and procedures
  • Social media Awareness
  • Module End Assessment
  • Software engineering
  • Security guidelines
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Module End Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring vs Logging
  • Monitoring/logging benefits
  • Logging
  • Metrics
  • Module End Assessment
  • What is physical security?
  • Defense in depth
  • Types of physical security controls
  • Device and Human security
  • Security policies
  • Equipment tracking
  • Compliance: A Shared Responsibility
  • Physical and Operations Security Considerations
  • Risk Management: A Shared Perspective
  • Module End Assessment
  • Disaster types
  • Incident investigation tips
  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Forensic incident response
  • Module End Assessment

Alphabet Factory USP's

Alphabet Factory - Holding your hands to make the program a success

We work with experts and practitioners to provide result-oriented content and training outcomes.

We provide State-of-Art LMS system, that supports AI based assessment system and content delivery.

We are supported by trainers, experts and professionals who are Gurus in their own field.

Our expertise include providing trainings that are customized for needs of organizations as we understand one size does not fit all.

We specialize in providing end- to -end solutions for any content/ training requirements on behavioral processes, emerging technologies, marketing and start-up evangelism.

Successful delivery of our trainings and content is validated by multiple universities and software giants.

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The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). or equivalent knowledge

  • University students, entry to mid level corporate executives with basic computing skills.
  • Network professionals looking to advance their knowledge and explore cybersecurity as a career path.
  • Executives and managers wanting to expand the ability to communicate with security professionals and implement a robust security solution at the organizational level.
  • Individuals who want to improve their understanding of cybersecurity, including threats, mitigating controls, and organizational responsibilities.
  • Anyone aspiring for a career in Information Security would benefit from this workshop. The course is restricted to participants who have basic computing skills and some knowledge of networking concepts.
Classroom Live Duration: 6 Months
Virtual Classroom Live Duration: 6 Months
On-Demand Online Learning 100 Hours / Accessible 8 Months