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DevOps Foundation Program

250+ Students Trained
50+ workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings

DevOps Foundation Program

250+ Students Trained
50+ Workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings
  • coding-support 10000 + Professionals Trained
  • coding-support 100 + Qualified Trainers
  • mentor 200 + Training Courses
  • job 15 + Global Accreditations
Why Alphabet Factory?
15+ Global Accreditations
200 + Training Courses
100 +
Qualified Trainers
10000+ Professionals Trained



Day 1

  • Let’s Get to Know Each Other
  • Overview
  • DASA Competence Framework
  • Course Objectives
  • DASA: Mastering DevOps in Practice (Knowledge and Skills)
  • Course Agenda
  • Type of Activities
  • Exam
  • Course Book
  • Technical Glossary
  • Question and Answer
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • Emergence of DevOps
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • Core Concepts of DevOps
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • The essence of a DevOps Culture
  • Key Elements of DevOps
  • Implementation of a DevOps Culture
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • Organisational Model
  • Autonomous Teams
  • Activity: Group Discussion

Day 2

  • Architecting for DevOps
  • Governance
  • Module Objectives
  • Module Topics
  • Process Basics
  • DevOps with ITSM
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Activity: Task/Switching Game
  • Optimising Processes Using Lean
  • Business Value Optimization and Business Analysis Using Story Mapping
  • Module Objectives
  • 6A Automation Concepts
  • 6A Automation Concepts: Automation for Delivery of Software
  • 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Core Concepts
  • 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Automation Concepts
  • 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Automation Focus Topics

Day 3

  • 6B Data Center Automation
  • 6B Data Center Automation: Cloud Technology and Principles
  • 6B Data Center Automation: Cloud Services Concepts in a DevOps Organization
  • 6B Data Center Automation: Automated Provisioning Concepts
  • 6B Data Center Automation: Platform Product Characteristics and Application Maturity
  • Activity: Group Discussion
  • Importance of Measurement
  • Choosing the Right Metrics
  • Monitoring and Logging

Alphabet Factory USP's

Alphabet Factory - Holding your hands to make the program a success

We work with experts and practitioners to provide result-oriented content and training outcomes.

We provide State-of-Art LMS system, that supports AI based assessment system and content delivery.

We are supported by trainers, experts and professionals who are Gurus in their own field.

Our expertise include providing trainings that are customized for needs of organizations as we understand one size does not fit all.

We specialize in providing end- to -end solutions for any content/ training requirements on behavioral processes, emerging technologies, marketing and start-up evangelism.

Successful delivery of our trainings and content is validated by multiple universities and software giants.

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No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

This course is for individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management Individuals whose role is touched by DevOps and continuous delivery, such as the following IT roles:

  • Software Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • IT Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Business Analytics

The training can be attended both as a classroom session and as an online session.

This course will provide the basics of how to implement workflow and deploy to get a faster development cycle. With the help of this course, you will understand the emergence of DevOps. Why and how DevOps is becoming a requirement for organisations.