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Internet of Things

25 Compliances Completed
50+ Workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings

Internet of Things

250+ Students Trained
50+ Workplaces Certified
6 Variety of Trainings
  • coding-support 10000 + Professionals Trained
  • coding-support 100 + Qualified Trainers
  • mentor 200 + Training Courses
  • job 15 + Global Accreditations
Why Alphabet Factory?
15+ Global Accreditations
200 + Training Courses
100 +
Qualified Trainers
10000+ Professionals Trained



Day 1

  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Course Agenda
  • Activities
  • Internet of Things: Definition, Concept and Significance
  • Meaning of Things in Internet of Things
  • Different examples of Internet of Things

Day 2

  • Smart Switch Board: Meaning, Concept and Uses
  • Water Well Monitoring System: Meaning, Fundamentals and Usages
  • General Block Diagram: Concept, Fundamentals and Structure
  • Micro-Controllers: Meaning, Concept and Function

Day 3

  • Basics of Analog Signal
  • Basics of Digital Signal
  • Difference between Analog Signal and Digital Signal
  • Current and Voltage: Meaning, Concept and Difference
  • Arduino: Meaning, Concept and Significance
  • Specialized Description of Arduino
  • Methods of setting up Arduino

Alphabet Factory USP's

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We work with experts and practitioners to provide result-oriented content and training outcomes.

We provide State-of-Art LMS system, that supports AI based assessment system and content delivery.

We are supported by trainers, experts and professionals who are Gurus in their own field.

Our expertise include providing trainings that are customized for needs of organizations as we understand one size does not fit all.

We specialize in providing end- to -end solutions for any content/ training requirements on behavioral processes, emerging technologies, marketing and start-up evangelism.

Successful delivery of our trainings and content is validated by multiple universities and software giants.

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Participants are expected to have the basic knowledge of technology and programming languages. But no comprehensive knowledge is required as advanced concepts will be explained in detail in this course.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about modern technologies and is interested in the prospects of Internet of Things. These include:

  • Practising Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Researchers
  • IT Architects Software Engineers
  • Technical Designers
  • Industrialists

The training can be attended both as a classroom session and as an online session.

Alphabet Factory is an expert content authoring and production company on emerging technologies. It provides specialized content and guidance of the subject matter expert to universities, EdTech companies, and SMEs. Alphabet Factory is a single place to serve you with the best of all content matter.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot technology worldwide. It is possible to envision pervasive connectivity, storage, and computation with the aid of IOT. Different applications such as innovative shopping system, infrastructure management, and emergency notification systems are build on the IoT based systems. Thus, it is important to learn the fundamental skills of this emerging technology.
Alphabet Factory provides you the adequate training required for building a great IoT product. This course from the Alphabet Factory is aimed at empowering participants with real time, practical skills that will help them in fetching a lucrative job.

Yes, you will receive an ‘Internet of Things’ certificate issued by Alphabet Factory.