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Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Essentials Training

25 Compliances Completed
50+ Workplaces Sensitized
500+ Employees Trained

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Essentials Training

25 Compliances Completed
50+ Workplaces Sensitized
500+ Employees Trained
  • coding-support 10000 + Professionals Trained
  • coding-support 100 + Qualified Trainers
  • mentor 200 + Training Courses
  • job 15 + Global Accreditations
Why Alphabet Factory?
15+ Global Accreditations
200 + Training Courses
100 +
Qualified Trainers
10000+ Professionals Trained



  • What is Posh?
  • Why is it so significant now?
  • Basics of Gender
  • Transgender
  • How sexual harassment is different from gender discrimination?
  • Gender sensitization
  • Gender specific roles
  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Vishakha guidelines
  • Definition of workplace
  • Duties of an employer
  • ICC - Formation
  • ICC Operation
  • Protocol for complain
  • Company specific policies
  • The case behind Vishakha guidelines
  • Case after the POSH Act 2013 (Prevention Prohibition and Redressal)
  • From a bill to a law
  • Impact and consequences of Sexual Harassment
  • Employment status after Sexual Harassment
  • Suffering in silence
  • Questionnaire - if scenarios
  • Report procedure
  • ICC formation- Mandate
  • Sections related, their use and punishments
  • Role plays - Apply what you learnt
  • Journey of an FIR

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Workplaces Sensitized


POSH is defined as the Prevention of Sexual Harassment. This Act was passed in the year 2013. This Act influences everyone in the society. Sexual harassment cases are suppressed and the biggest weapon here is lack of knowledge. So educate and train to report and follow up and help report is all together giving it back some day to these oppressors.

This training or this act is not about infusing fear. It also does not intend to make women more powerful now as men have dominated the professional world. It is only as the act says Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal. This training is necessary so that you know that when you pass a remark you should be careful if it has any sexual implications and in case of misunderstanding you should stop immediately after you are informed for the very first time.

There is no accreditation body for POSH training. However, Alphabet Factory certifies that you have made the effort to educate yourself and understand that respecting individuals as humans, accepting them and treating them well is easily achievable. Hence, Alphabet Factory world certify you for making this effort.

It is a mandate to display names, numbers and email IDs of 4 members from the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) at several places at the place of work. Employees can approach any one of them. If the 3 members from the organisation are not approachable, the external member can also be approached. If the complainant is not comfortable with any of these there is an email ID called the SHE BOX directly connected to the Women and Children welfare ministry.


Till the investigation is on the accused and is not proved to be a perpetrator, the person who complaints is considered to be in a sensitive condition. Hence, she/he is given a choice to get transferred to another project or location. If she/he is not comfortable the accused person is transferred.